Kate Middleton Was Wearing One Of Our Jesire Dresses

We were delighted when we made the news with Kate Middleton wearing a Jesire dress that had been bought from our dress agency.  We made even made the new Grazia Daily, The Daily Mail and many others.  It definitely shows that no matter who you are, a beautiful and unique bargain should never be passed by.  Luckily we have rails and rails of these bargains available.

Kate is well known for her unique style and we were honoured to supply one of her aides with the Jesire dress.  It looked a lot better on Kate than it did on a hanger in our store. Perhaps you should pop in and see what other bargains we have for you?

The Jesire dress in question was a 1950s-style grey coat dress and this purchase caused a bit of a frenzy with fashion followers being eager to buy their own to emulate the Duchess’ elegant style. We obviously received a lot of calls and enquiries as to whether we could source any further items, but sadly we sold out very quickly. There was also talk of the Jesire brand being brought back from the dead because Kate wearing one of their dresses, but nothing much appeared to come from this and as of yet, Jesire is still gone.

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