Stock Exchange Charity Clothing Reaches Zambia

The Stock Exchange has been donating clothing to charities and worthy causes for nearly 40 years. There are more details of the work our volunteers undertake on our website. It?s not always obvious how allowing unsold items to go to charity can help so I hope the link to our charity page and this article will give you some insight.

It was a sunny July day when Katie Davies asked if we could donate some children’s clothing for a project in Zambia. Not a lot of people will know this but my father worked in Zambia for a time and my brother was born there, so when Katie started to tell me about her family?s plans for a holiday with a difference, I was fascinated. She?d organised for a consignment of children?s clothing and toys to be shipped to a small village in Zambia to help out friends of theirs who run a school and orphanage in the region.

She told us, ?Many of the children are orphans who lost parents to either AIDS, dysentery or encounters with animals. Some are from the local village and others live miles from anywhere. Some of the clothing was given to the children while we were there and it was either put on as extra layers or stuffed into pockets, but not let out of sight!?

Katie and her family also purchased 5 goats for the orphanage which together with the newly fenced off veggie patch, will help keep the school self sufficient. Some of us will know about protecting home grown veg from unwanted pests like slugs and greenfly but there are not many who can say they built an electric fence to keep the elephants out!

I just want to thank all our customers who donated any unsold items to charity in June/July this year. You helped to make a real difference to the lives of some very deserving children. Ernest & Petronella, the headmaster and his wife, have used the clothes as an incentive to get the kids into school. Opportunity always follows where eduction dare tread.

A big thank you to Katie Davies and family for all your efforts and the pictures that made us all smile. You?ve done something amazing…

The Stock Exchange, Sunninghill

PS: A lot of Stock Exchange customers don’t know where our charitable items go, so feel free to like and share this article.

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