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Established in 1976, The Stock Exchange is the premier dress agency for the fashion conscious bargain hunter, looking for second hand designer clothes. Hidden in the heart of the Berkshire countryside in the village of Sunninghill, it?s been providing shoppers from across the country an altogether unique experience for nearly 40 years. Some of the thousands of registered customers regularly bring their other shopping experiences with them in the form of Mens, Ladies and Children’s clothing who’s style may no longer find favour with its owner. Our experienced and friendly assistants guide you through the process of turning your ?nearly new? garments into this year?s shopping budget.

With the benefit of our experience, selling your nearly news could not be easier and our customers enjoy a generous commission on their sold items. However, with shopper?s paradise at every turn, it?s leaving with your commission intact that proves difficult.

For the bargain hunter, a leisurely browse amongst the rails reveals high quality branded clothing and exotic designer labels at surprisingly affordable prices. Whether you?re looking to shop, drop or just browse, our dress agency provides a rewarding and enjoyable retail experience. If you like the idea of looking good for a whole lot less then come and see us at The Stock Exchange, the premier outlet for second hand designer clothes